Recent happenings with Agatsuma Entertainment may have had a negative effect on future Vita libraries.

Japanese publishing company Agatsuma Entertainment recently filed for bankruptcy, having been a part of the industry since 1997 – however its closure hasn’t only had an effect on coming releases, but past ones as well.

It seems that on Steam the Agatsuma published Sayonara UmiharaKawase+ has been delisted, causing it to no longer be available for purchase. Though we’ve yet to see any solid indication that this will happen to the PSN version, it’s definitely not a good sign (and is more of a warning than anything else in my opinion).

As of this post, the game is still available on the North American store, and UK store – so if you’re remotely interested I’d grab it now before anything happens. Once something is delisted there’s no way to buy it digitally, though of course anyone who bought it will still be able to re-download.

  • Steve Jaworski

    This is the sole reason I prefer physical copies over digital. There is no other real way to ‘own’ something.