Brick-based adaption of the cinematic universe gets new screens and information.

We’ve been following progress of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers for a while and as we get closer to its release more information is starting to filter through, such as the news that for the first time in a Vita port there will be an open world hub, which is practically 1:1 with the console versions!

Steve Thornton, who is the Game Director for TT Fusion has posted on the LEGO games blog about the game.

“When I watched the first Avengers film in the cinema, long before I ever dreamed I’d be working on a game of it just 3 years later, there were immediately a dozen scenes that jumped out as being perfect videogame sequences. The pacing, the boss fights, the skydives, the chases, the big battles and grand set pieces, it was all there. For me, the most important and exciting thing that sets videogames apart from movies is the power of interaction. Interaction is what allows videogames to elevate their audience from a spectator and put the action in their hands. No longer watching the heroes on the big screen, gamers get to rip through the sky as Iron Man, they get to smash through walls as Captain America, and they get to punch a big alien fish in the face.”

Steve continues:
“I think when people pick up the videogame version of their favourite movie, they want to live and breathe those iconic, memorable moments, from the big screen. They’ve already watched them from afar, but this is their chance to play them. With that in mind, it was important those scenes that jumped out in the cinema, those moments everyone remembers, are front and centre in our LEGO videogame. More than ever, I think fans will be very impressed with the accuracy we have pushed for between the game and the films.”

Steve included a few handheld screens showing off his favourite moments from the films, recreated in typical LEGO fashion.

From Avengers, you have Sky-diving off Stark Tower with the Mark 7 armour in pursuit, escaping an enraged Hulk whilst aboard the Heli-Carrier, using Iron Man to stabilise the propeller, attacking the portal with Thor using Mjolnir’s lightning or showing Asgardian (Frost Giant?) Princes how to control your anger issues.

Steve also has a couple of sequences from Age of Ultron that stand out, mainly the sequences in Seoul with Black Widow as she tries to return Cap’s shield and Quicksliver’s attempts to save civilians from an out of control train.

As the games are based on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe there will be many nods to events from the shared collection of films, especially those from phase 2. Are you looking forward to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers? What moments are you hoping to see in the game?

We will bring you more news and a review as soon as we can, and stay tuned for Issue 9 of our FREE digital PSVita Magazine as we have an interview with Steve in there!

  • Persona Fan

    Yeesh. Looks rough honestly.

    • Yeah i know the vita to be capable of more than this.

  • Adam Renard

    Won’t be as pretty as the console versions, but I am excited to see if they pull off the open hub.

  • Cousin Jeffrey

    This is awesome news! I loved Jurassic world on vita

  • DCGX

    Yay! This looks great. The open world would be awesome on the Vita.

  • PizzaSlapper

    Looks pretty good I think! I see some graphical improvements over the last couple of LEGO games. Can’t wait to see if they can pull off the open world and how it’ll compare to the console version.

  • GeminiR

    Can’t wait to play using the Hulkbuster armor in free play mode!

  • Buckybuckster

    TT has really upped the quality of their Vita Lego games so I’m really looking forward to playing it. I do wonder if they ever long to hash out something original and non-Lego oriented. I can’t even remember the last non-Lego game they put out.