When the PlayStation Plus games for January were announced and it was revealed that PS Vita owners would be receiving PSP title Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign – a lot of PlayStation Vita owners felt cheated.

This was because there is a PlayStation Vita-native version of the title available called Legends of War: Patton (or History: Legends of War in Europe). Cue a lot of angry gamers venting their frustration in the comments section of both the EU and NA PlayStation Blog posts.

Things were made even worse for those in Europe when on the day that the Instant Game Collection titles launched in both regions, it was realised that those in North America did in fact receive the PlayStation Vita version of the game whereas those in Europe were given the PSP title;

However, after a number of complaints were made to the European Blog team around this discrepancy, the European Store team have rectified the issue and Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign has now been replaced by the Vita title History: Legends of War in Europe in this month’s Instant Game Collection.

UntitledThe European PlayStation Twitter account then tweeted out the correction to let everyone know that the mistake had been rectified;

So, what are you waiting for? Get back onto the PlayStation Store and be sure to download History: Legends of War to your handhelds!

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Charlie Large is the Deputy Editor of The Vita Lounge and has been a part of the site for over 2 years! A fan of all things PlayStation, he spends most of his time playing, writing, talking or thinking about games! You will find him currently splitting his time between his PS4 and Vita trying to work through an ever-rising backlog of brilliant titles!
  • darkknezz

    People need to chill. We live in a world of entitled pansies. “I didn’t get the game i wanted waaaaaa waaaaa waaaaa”

    Cue the flame war on me now for speaking the truth lol

    • Charlie Large

      I don’t think it is about ‘getting the game we want’, I think it is more about getting the same as what others are getting.

      The reason they changed PlayStation Plus last year was so that both the European and North American Plus games and release dates would be the same – this month they clearly weren’t, and now they have been rectified.

      • rtlf

        I really think this was a simple admin error, they unwittingly added the psp version to IGC in Europe instead of the vita version hence why they rectified it without much issue

        • Charlie Large

          I’m a but dubious that it was an admin error.

          To start with, when they announced the Plus games in the Blog post last week, it was the PSP game that was revealed as the Plus title – the blog post linked to the PSP title.

          Then when the games went live on Tuesday, it was the PSP game that was initially free as part of Plus.

          If it was an admin error, I would have expected the Blog staff to have picked this up with all the negative comments in the Blog post, and then amended the post to correct the error and release the intended Vita version on the day the Plus games went live. The fact that the PSP game was then put live a week later says to me that the intent was to give the PSP game as January’s Plus freebie. I think they rectified it because of the difference between the two regions.

          • rtlf

            Ah I see, wasn’t aware of those finer details. Still seems a bit strange that they’d think people wouldn’t notice and I wouldn’t put it past the blog staff to ignore most of the incessant whining which makes up 90% of the comments on there. I mean why didn’t they take notice after the initial questions regarding Europe getting the psp version but then suddenly decided to take notice further down the line? Surely if they’d noticed the original complaints it’d be obvious this wouldn’t go unnoticed? (Atleast you’d think so) who knows how these things work 🙂 no idea what to believe… But it’s been rectified so I no longer care now I guess

      • darkknezz

        I get it bro, I guess I’m just complaining about the complainers lol. Case and point psn outage this past week and people are freaking out about not playing online and saying Sony needs to give us free games or whatever. In my humble opinion they don’t have to do anything. Yes they’re extending ps+ time but when your cable, Internet or electric goes out, have those companies ever compensated their customers for loss of service? Nope! I think people just need to chill.

        • Charlie Large

          Oh yeah, I agree to an extent on that point, that is a definite ‘first-world problem’ – I was just saying that the above issue with the Plus games is a legitimate complaint 🙂

    • Ogerscherge

      I think you are in the wrong forum if you fail to understand that gamers want games.

      • darkknezz

        Im not failing to understand anything. But you’re entitled to your opinion just like I am.

        • Ogerscherge

          There is a difference between “speaking the truth” and just mentioning one’s opinion though.
          The next time you just want to let the world know your opinion, try to do so without insulting other’s. Thank you.

          • darkknezz

            Just because I have an opinion on something doesn’t make it not true. Just saying. I didn’t insult any one person, i generalized it. You’re welcome! 😜

  • Reza Gerami

    Not surprised. The people running the PS Store seems like a pretty goofy bunch, especially if you judge by the way PS Vita-titles are published.

  • Pepperkeet

    I’ve never heard of any of these games…