Combat action shooter coming to Vita later in 2016 with a mission of retaliation over multiple galaxies.

This morning we learned that Space Overlords is set to arrive on the PSVita (as well as PC, PS3 and PS4) and sees you playing as one of four different characters with a score to settle. Your mission will see you set off on a mission of retaliation against the evil Kesedihan, liberate planets that she has dominated and set her on a journey of annihilation.

Our press release tells us that the game will initially feature seven galaxies in a single player mode, with you playing either the main gameplay, co-operative or gameplay loop on the eight planets in each galaxy. The multiplayer aspect of the game will see you facing off against other players in four modes.

Space Overlords comes with a built in level editor which of course allows you to create and share your own creations with other players via a community tab, and other players can try to beat those planets.

The game also features a “long and awesome” combo system which awards players for every building, ship and inhabitant destroyed, and a MAX COMBO indicator will helpfully tell you where you are at.

Other features you can expect to see in Space Overlords are:

  • Create planets using the built in level editor
  • Share new planets and then attack other players’ planets for action packed gameplay
  • Pick-up-and-play free rampage – destroy every building and inhabitant of a planet before time runs out
  • Enjoy playing as a different race with a choice of up to six Overlords
  • PVP Multiplayer mode (up to four players)
  • Upgrade your character with items and power ups adds to pace of the game
  • Local and Multiplayer modes
  • A whole host of different levels including variable game levels with switchable core mechanic
  • Four playable characters

Space Overlords is developed by Columbian coders 12 Hit Combo, and we are told that it will be out in April, so we will bring you more news as we have it. Does this look like a game you want to play on your Vita?

  • Lester Paredes

    I’d have to see how it plays or read a review. Those pictures… while nice and colorful, don’t really tell me what’s happening.

    • Buckybuckster

      I viewed a short trailer on YouTube, and it looks like it’s somewhat of a Super Stardust variant with your ship shooting at stuff on the planet. Looks kinda weird with it’s odd sense of scale. Objects on the planet’s surface are easily seen from your position in space when realistically they shouldn’t be. So either you are shooting at 70+ mile high robots or the “planet” is more like a super tiny asteroid.

  • Ogerscherge

    I agree with Lester. I kind of like what I see so far, but I haven’t seen much! ^.^

  • Steve Jaworski

    So this is Super Mario Galaxy mixed with – Raiden?