Bandai Namco recently released more information about Gundam Breaker 3 – including story details, information about present Gundams & Mobile Suits, customization details, Bounty Mode, and more.

Starting with the story, we’ve now learned that it takes place one year after the completion of the Orbital Elevator. As the protagonist, you’re playing at a game centre and meet a girl named Misa. She wants to recruit you for the shopping district’s Gunpla team, as she’s the public relations rep and they’re looking to restore the complex.

From there you’ll compete in local tournaments, earning your way up to the national level in a bid to become the top Gunpla team and achieve your goals.

Speaking of Gunpla, Gundam Breaker 3 adds over 20 new units and features SD and BB Senshi units as support characters. It also features the following Gundams and Mobile Suit units;

  • Full Armor Gundam
  • Psycho Zaku
  • Kshatriya
  • Byarlant Custom
  • Juaggu
  • Kapool
  • Gundam G-Self

You’ll be able to customize Mobile Suits; altering their colours or adding plating, coating, dirtiness, or even faux damage. There are attachable weapons that you can add to parts as well – such as missile pods, beam launchers, and more.

SD Gundams will take a different route, allowing you to alter them with modules. These modules will provide benefits to the whole team, not just that SD Gundam.

Lastly, a new non-real-time method of play called “Bounty Mode” has been announced. This mode will allow you to fight your Gunpla against the uploaded Gunpla of another player for in-game currency.


Gundam Breaker 3 is set to release March 3rd in Japan, priced at 6,800 yen for the PlayStation Vita version. First-print orders of the game will include the Gundam Barbatos (fourth form).

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