Quality control strikes again as Kenka Bancho Otome gets pushed to Spring in the East.

Though it was only announced for a March 17th release two months ago, it looks like that was enough time for the folks at RED Entertainment to reconsider their position. Moved citing quality control factors, the upcoming visual novel Kenka Bancho Otome is now due out in the Spring – but hopefully in better shape than we would’ve gotten it otherwise.

For those not in the know, Kenka Bancho Otome is the first title in the series to feature a female protagonist – and it actually deviates from their usual formula in other ways as well (including the fact that it’s a visual novel).

The story has you playing as Hinako, an orphaned girl who learns she’s the secret daughter of the Onigashima yakuza family. Hinako’s twin brother Hikaru then approaches her and asks her to take his place at an academy for delinquents. Agreeing to go, she sets off to the school – finding herself with the opportunity to fall in love with one of five males attending the academy; Totomaru, Konparu, Kira, Mirako, or Houou.

Interested? Check out some fresh screenshots from the game below;

While you were browsing, did you notice that last image? It seems that hallmarks of the series like the Menchi Beam stare-downs and fighting segments will still be present (the latter seems to be some sort of QTE or rhythm game in this incarnation – but still), so don’t worry about them going too far into left field or forgetting their roots.

Anyways, that’s all for now – but as stated, we’ll now be waiting ’til a much less specific “Spring” to see this one hit Japanese shores. Prepare accordingly!