Behind the Stone has released a trailer for new upcoming game Sir Eatsalot. The game will be a 2D Adventure-Platformer where you will play as the plump knight Sir Eatsalot. 

There will be thirteen different levels to play through and your goal will be to find and stop the evil witch Hysterica, who has poisoned Gluttington Kingdom with bitter lemonade!

Behind the Stone have said that they are working hard on the gameplay-features and that there should hopefully be some gameplay-footage available around March/April. We’ll be sure to share it with you as soon as it’s available.

Check out the trailer below to see Sir Eatsalot waddle stroll into action!

Sir Eatsalot will be released exclusively for PS Vita in 2016. Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest news!


  • Buckybuckster

    This chap and fat princess were made for each other.

    • Jenny Jones

      would be cool to see them team up in a game at some point :-p

  • Marius Henriksen

    Very excited! The logo, name and artstyle made me think it was a match 3 or cooking-game. But an adventure platformer exclusively for Vita sounds awesome! Looking forward to gameplay videos.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Gotta love that belly! :0)