Brad brought us the news in September that support for the Facebook app on Vita was to cease this month, and it looks like a software update set to release tomorrow will remove all traces of the social media app from Vitas and PlayStation TVs.

A post on the support pages of PlayStation Japan’s websiteĀ announced today that system software version 3.57 would be releasing for the PlayStation Vita and PSTV tomorrow that would remove all support for the application on the devices.

If you still wish to use Facebook on your Vita, the only option you will have is to go through the Browser and login via the Facebook website.

Did you use the app? Will you miss this function on the Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Carlos Eduardo Galvani Nascime

    I use this app once, but is kinda irrelevant. But Youtube app was a huge lost, as it works far more better than the browser version.

  • Uzair Syed

    Don’t care about Facebook. Cared about YouTube a lot since there were no ads. However, this is just another sign of the dwindling support for PSVita šŸ™

    Remember when software updates added features, not took them away? When was the last major feature packed software update on Vita? I believe it was themes 2 years ago.

  • DCGX

    I know the big thing in tech is for everything to have apps, but I don’t see this as a loss. If I want to access Facebook (which I don’t use) or YouTube, or any number of apps, I have a tablet and a phone. And I’d rather use my tablet for something like YouTube anyway.
    I, like the vast majority of people, bought the Vita for use as a game device (whether native games or remote play). So while they’re at it taking away apps, they could get rid of the email app as well. Save us more space.

  • Logan Graham

    It’s not the end of the world. So long as we get Odin Sphere, Vita will be fine.

  • Didn’t use it, a Tumblr or Reddit app would have been more useful!

  • Shadzard

    The update is out now.

  • Chizu

    Whilst I dont care about this app at all, I dont really understand why they have to REMOVE it. Stop supporting it, sure, but does it actually require it being entirely removed. Just leave it as like a legacy thing, so it can still be used if people have it, but dont update it anymore.

  • LoyalVitaFan567

    didn’t care or use facebook at all but I miss youtube app also facebook is the new “myspace” instagram is whats mainly out now with a little twitter