The aim of the game is to keep the girls satisfied…

Koei Tecmo have revealed a new trailer for their ‘barely dressed’ sports title, which highlights the Owner game mode.

As implied by the modes name, Owner Mode will see you take control of a new island. Your fate will come down to the satisfaction of your girls. By working and gaining exp to level up, you will stay in the girls good books. You’ll also be able to unlock owner-exclusive items, features and other various elements. Included in this mode is “Raw Clothes Change” which is where the girls will change swimsuit instantly. Whilst this is all occurring you’ll need to be a respectable owner and close your eyes. If you decide to peak as they change however, your satisfaction level will drop. Check out the video below:

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is set to release in Japan on March 24th for PS Vita and PS4. An english version of the game will also be available in Asia. The PS Vita version of the game will be known as Venus, whereas the PS4 game will be Fortune.


  • Lester Paredes

    10 out of 10. Game of the year. Lol.

  • Giant_Z