Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky recently dropped in the West, and to celebrate, publisher Koei Tecmo has released downloadable content in both North American and European territories – as a plus, it’s free!

The “Japanese Voice Option,” available now to download in both regions, allows you to play through the game with the original Japanese voice acting. As explained by Koei Tecmo Europe, the reason this dialogue option has been distributed separately via download is simply due to the file size limitations of PlayStation Vita cartridges (North America received a physical release). Unfortunately, European customers who imported the physical edition will be stuck with the English VA for now due to region locking.

In addition, the “Complete Costume Set” is currently available for free on the European PlayStation Store and includes the following bonus outfits:

  • (Nio) ‘the Administrator’
  • ‘Happy Wedding’ & ‘White Knight’ (Escha and Logy)
  • ‘Last Resort’ (Logy)
  • ‘Strip Swimsuit’ (Escha)

The DLC’s store description states that the costume content will only be available free-of-charge for a limited time of four weeks, while Koei Tecmo Europe has tweeted a contradicting time period of two weeks’ availability. It’s not been confirmed whether the content as a whole will be taken down at that time, or simply become paid. With such hazy details, it’d be in your best interest to snap up these extras as soon as possible.

For North American players eager to get their mitts on these bonus outfits, Koei Tecmo America asks for patience, as this “Early Purchase Bonus DLC” will become available to download starting January 26th. Everyone that purchases the game from January 19th to February 22nd will be eligible for the promotion and able to download the content right up until the latter purchase date.

Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky is available now on the PlayStation Store. Read our review to find out whether it’s a worthy purchase.

  • Phelan

    ” As explained
    by Koei Tecmo Europe, the reason this dialogue option has been
    distributed separately via download is simply due to the file size
    limitations of PlayStation Vita cartridges”

    That’s of course BS.

    The real issue is that game cartridges comes in various sizes just like they do in case of memory cards. Koei Tecmo America decided to save their money and picked smaller size of cartridge.

    Like people already mentioned on Twitter.
    Ar Nosurge+ had similar size to Atelier+Jp voices