The developers are once again seeking assistance from gamers.

Last month we brought you the news that Inti Creates were seeking feedback on sample shaders designed for their upcoming Kickstarter funded metroidvania title. Originally four were planned, but due to overwhelming support for two of the shaders, these have been incorporated into the latest designs. In the latest update from the developer, background and character style designs have been unveiled, with Inti Creates once again requiring feedback on their designs.

Here are the four designs:

Background 1/Character 1

Background 1/Character 3

Background 3/Character 1

Background 3/Character 3

You can post your thoughts on these designs via the latest survey.

On the update their was also an update from the producer of the project Koji Igarashi, here’s a snippet of his comments:


Last time, we turned to the backers for input on which shaders to use in the game. Based on that, we’ve gone back and put tons of time into making improvements. In particular, the background we revealed in the previous update was just arranged for our own experimentation; for this update we’ve put much more detail into it. This may make it easier for you to see which direction we’re aiming for.

You can read the rest of the update on the Kickstarter page for the project here. Keep checking back to TVL for the latest on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  • Thom Blackburn

    3/3 the sharpened look is better imo

  • Buckybuckster

    Methinks I prefer the last 2. It’s really going to be a long and hard wait for this one to come out. Can’t wait!

  • Giant_Z

    the details of Background 3/Character 3 are better than the others

  • Alaka’i Lester

    I choose Background 3/Character 3.

  • pkmaximum

    Background 3/Character 3