RPG joins the list of PS Vita titles delayed so far in 2016.

The last time we brought you news on Nippon Ichi’s dungeon RPG was to inform you that the title had been delayed. Over the past week we have had a load of upcoming PS Vita titles delayed and not wanting to miss out on the act, the Japanese release date for Coven and the Labyrinth of Refrain has once again been pushed back. The reason this time, according to the developer, is to improve the games quality.

After initially being delayed to March, we now won’t see the game running on our favourite handheld gaming device until June 23rd.

For those not in the know, Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain starts off in a town called Refrain, which is home to a Labyrinth and a curse. Those who are inflicted with this curse have their lifespans halved. In the RPG, players will play as a magical book titled The Way of the Monster, as you guide a witch around the labyrinth. Unfortuantely, being a book and all, you aren’t able to actually battle. Luckily you can control dolls which were created to aid the witch in battle.

Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest of Coven and the Labyrinth of Refrain.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    I was right with you until you said ‘players play as a magical book’. Oh well.