New screenshots, concept art and gameplay details have been released, by Nippon Ichi Software, for Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight.

The protagonist of the game is Rose and she has awakened to find herself in a castle cursed by thorny briers and where time has been lost. She is not the only one to awaken in the crumbling dungeon however. A big and powerful giant has also awakened. Together Rose and the Giant will need to help each other as they explore the old castle.

rosetotasogarenokojou_16012118Rose has an ability called ‘power of thorns’ which she can use to absorb the power of blood from others and transfer it to other things. Losing blood power causes things to lose time and come to a stop. In the concept art below you’ll notice cursed thorns on her back.

Before finding herself in the castle she lived in a monastery and she desperately wants to escape from the dangerous old castle and return to her home. However, it isn’t by coincidence that Rose has found herself in the old castle…rosetotasogarenokojou_16012126The Giant was created a long time ago and has been sleeping in the depths of the old castle for many years. Rose finds it near a collapsed wall in the dungeon and brings it back to life. Its difficult to tell what the Giant is thinking but as it is helping Rose then perhaps it is kindhearted and good. The Giant is definately a mysterious creature.rosetotasogarenokojou_1601215Check out these screenshots showing Rose use her power of thorns to transfer blood power. Objects with blood power move with time whereas those without come to a stop. By transferring blood power you can bring time back to objects, this will allow you to make your way through the castle.


The Giant’s immense strength can be used to move objects blocking the way or to throw coloured objects.

There will be a First-Print Premium Edition of the game priced at 6,458 yen which will contain the following goodies:

  • Box with artwork by Masayuki Furuya
  • Art book (12.5cm×15cm, 36 pages)
  • Original Soundtrack by Hajime Sugie
  • Rose Rubber Strap

The Nippon Ichi online shop will also have a limited edition version, which features everything from the First-Print Premium Box as well as an original canvas illustration with a replica signature (size W275mm×H220mm×D19mm) for 8,980 yen.

Check out some more of the screenshots and concept art for the game in the gallery below:

Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight will release in Japan on April 28, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. Keep checking back to TVL for more updates on Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight.

  • Lester Paredes

    That looks adorably dark.

  • Devin Hudson

    This is definitely near the top of my list of games I want to come over here. I think this looks more appealing than The Firefly Diary, and I really enjoyed that one.