This demo is a rather generous offering. 

Nippon Ichi have annouced that a demo for their upcoming RPG, Hero Must Die, will be arriving in Japan on February 10th. The announcement was made via the latest edition of Famitsu magazine.

Releasing demos for big releases such as this come as no surprise, but the fact that you’ll be able to embark on a full playthrough in the demo for Hero Must Die certainly is a rare treat.

For those unfamiliar with the games premise: Hero Must Die sees the titular hero sent back to the world of the living after he sacrifices himself to take out the Demon King. The only downside to this resurrection is that the hero has had his skills set back to square one, and he only has five days to live.

The full Hero Must Die experience will be releasing in Japan on February 25th. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news on Nippon Ichi’s upcoming RPG.

  • Buckybuckster

    There HAS to be a catch somewhere. The wording of the release states “full playthru” but doesn’t say anything about the demo being the full game. And on the half-chance that it IS the full game, why not just say that you’re giving away the game for free? Why call a complete game a “demo”? A generous offer for sure, but somthin’ other than the catch of the day smells fishy to me.