Idea Factory International has updated the website for Trillion: God of Destruction with some new screenshots in English and new information about the characters.

Mammon holds the crest of Greed. As to be expected of someone holding the crest of Greed she has a selfish and brazen personality. She decides to fight the monstrosity known as Trillion as she wants to gain all the wealth in the Underworld as the Great Overlord. Originally her job role was to oversee the Gate of Hell but she long ago abandoned her post in favor of adventuring for treasure.


Ragon is a high-ranking Fallen One who helps train the Overlords. He is a cool and calm veteran of combat with excellent techniques.


Blade Monitor watches over the Valley of Swords where the Overlords test their skills. It is the Monitor’s job to ensure that the many beasts in the Valley of Swords do not escape.


Dark Blacksmith lives in the city near the castle. As the name suggests she is skilled with strengthening weapons with magic and can also enchant weapons with special powers.


And incase you were wondering if Trillion has any tricks up it’s sleeve then wonder no longer! After inflicting a certain amount of damage Trillion changes form to that of a serpentine being. Take a look at the artwork below to see Trillion’s “Dragon” form!kashin1

Check out some more beautiful screenshots in the gallery below!

Trillion: God of Destruction is due out in the West this Spring. Let us know in the comments if you like the look of this!

  • Devin Hudson

    I’m really hoping they announce a limited edition that comes with an artbook, because I love the look and style of the artwork in this game.

    • Jenny Jones

      it really does look gorgeous doesn’t it? I think I’d definately buy a LE version if it comes out

  • Zero Eternity

    I can’t wait for this game. But in the mean I’ll be distracted by Digimon CS.