NIS America has just announced that Stranger of Sword City has been delayed to April 26th in North America and April 29th in Europe. It was originally due for release in March.

It’s not all bad news though as NIS America has released a new character trailer and some new screenshots!

Earlier in January we bought you the news that Stranger of Sword City will allow you to choose the art style of NPCs. The first three screenshots in the gallery below feature illustrations drawn by En Okishiji, and the last three are drawn by Yoko Tsukamoto. You can freely switch between the two different art styles while playing.

The game is set to launch in North America on April 26th and in Europe on April 29th, and a Limited Edition is also coming to the West. Keep checking back to The Vita Lounge for all the latest Stranger of Sword City news!

  • Ogerscherge

    There are a lot of delays this year so far. :/
    I really wish that the developers/publishers nowadays would take their declaration of a release date more seriously.
    However, I’m still looking forward to that game a lot! ^-^

  • BloodStainedKnight

    This piece of news never fails to sadden me no matter how many times I read it. Still, all we can do now is wait.