Idea Factory International has released some more character and gameplay details on its website for Trillion: God of Destruction.

Meet Perpell! She’s the niece of the game’s protagonist, Zeabolos, and has been attached to him ever since she was little because he always gave her sweets. She’s as sweet as she looks and exudes a spirit of innocence. Perpell has decided to take on the task of defeating Trillion as she wants to transform the Underworld into a kingdom of sweets.


Check out the artwork for Poster Girl! She works in a tavern in the city. She’s always smiling but has a sharp tongue for those who deserve it.


During your training you’ll be able to try a ‘mock battle’. This basically means that you can use your current stats and equipment to face Trillion.

Fear not though as this isn’t actually Trillion but Mokujin! 


Mokujin can transform into Trillion allowing you to work on your tactics and adjust your training if necessary. You’ll need all the advantages you can get to defeat Trillion so be sure to practice your combat skills using Mokujin!

Trillion: God of Destruction is due out in the West this Spring. Let us know in the comments if you plan to pick this up!


  • Britta Stabenow

    Absolutely definitely!!

  • Lester Paredes

    This looks cool.

  • Zero Eternity

    Definitely picking it up. I’ve wanted this game ever since I saw the picture of the sloth overlord. It reminded me of this one anime character I liked.

  • Kaboom

    According to Amazon, it should be out March 29. So let’s be patient. … Anybody got a time machine? Already lost my patience.