A few recently posted videos on Marvelous Inc’s YouTube channel have brought us quite the lineup of Uppers gameplay trailers.

These videos not only serve to show of the various gameplay mechanics and characters, but also show off their unique fighting styles – with each character following a different style of martial art.

Check out Ranma Kamashiro and Michiru Sakurai;

Seiya and Junya Koyanagi;

…and Max Guren Heart alongside Nagi Shiraishi;

Uppers is due out in Japan on April 21st.

  • Giant_Z

    please Marvelous, we want a western version for this game!

  • agelos

    Lets be honest guys,when we have played Dissidia 012 and we waiting for One piece Burning Blood this game looks for the trash by now!Maybe i’m wrong…

  • Bigg King

    make a steam version