PM Studios took to Twitter today to announce the release of three new DLC packs.

Released November 10th in the West, it’s certainly been a while that we’ve had XONiC now – though I can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing. One good thing about it being out for a while however is that there has been time for some DLC to be put together… and put together it has certainly been. 😉

PM Studios has announced the North American release date and pricing for three DLC packs, the reveal going out over Twitter via the following tweet;

The link in the tweet outlines the songs and packs, which are as follows;

7’s Rebirth
1. “Antikithera” – 7 Sequence
2. “Rackin’ Gravity” – 7 Sequence
3. “DINO” – Cranky

Guilty Gear x XONiC
1. “Starry Story”
2. “Jack-a-Dandy”
3. “Big Blast Sonic”

Magical Blaze Collection
1. “BLUE desire~Blazblue”

Are you looking forward to getting some fresh new XONiC songs? 

I know I am, and the best bit is that we’re probably getting more around May. 😉