The third ClaDun title is headed to PlayStation Vita in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nippon Ichi has announced that they’ll be bringing a Sengoku period ClaDun (aptly titled ClaDun Sengoku) to PlayStation Vita this May in Japan. The title takes players into Arcanus Cella’s past and has them create their own characters, building up their strength in randomly generated dungeons.

The seven announced character classes for the game include aristocrat, corrupt priest, merchant, onmyoji, samurai, sorcerer, and swordsman. As for weapons, the options of bows, blunt weapons, kusarigama sickles with chains attached, short swords, shurikens (ninja stars), spears, staves, and swords have been revealed.

The game will also have multiplayer elements, including ad-hoc competitive and cooperative gameplay, and a national ranking system.


ClaDun Sengoku releases May 26th in Japan; launch copies will include the soundtrack for free.

  • Ogerscherge

    I really loved ClaDun 2! ^.^
    I hope this one comes to the west. The other two did, so perhaps the chances aren’t too bad, don’t you think?

  • Buckybuckster

    I always wanted to pick up the PSP games but never got around to doing so. Hope this makes the journey westward.

  • Daniel Dominguez

    I have never passed the first 20 mins of cladun games, are they really good?

    • Ogerscherge

      If I recall correctly, the game starts rather quickly and explains it’s features in the first few minutes, so if the first 20 minutes didn’t hook you, it might just not be the right game for you. :/

      What I personally love about the game is the sheer amount of character costumisation it offers.
      And not only visually (You can pretty much draw your character however you like), but also in terms of his/her attributes and skills.
      That and its procedurally generated, challenging dungeons are what makes me love this game a lot! ^-^
      Personally I found the loot system to be a bit lacklustre, but it did the job quite well and who knows, maybe it gets better in ClaDun 3! ^.^

  • BloodStainedKnight

    YESSS… The people in Siliconera turned out to be right! It is a new Cladun game! I hope it’ll come over!