Aksys Games announced today that they’ll be bringingĀ Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus to North America – even going so far as to give us a release date.

Spike Chunsoft’s Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus is officially coming to North America this Summer, Aksys Games has announced; adding in that it’d be both physical and digital in more than one employee reply.

If this is the first your hearing about the game (or need a refresher), Shiren the Wanderer 5 follows the titular Shiren – an experienced wanderer with a weasel-y companion called Koppa – on a roguelike RPG adventure. Being a “Plus” title it even offers new dungeons to explore, monsters to battle, and gameplay options to take advantage of; so where can you go wrong?

Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus is coming to North America on July 26th, with no word yet on a European release.

PS; You can catch up on Japanese coverage of the game by reading past posts here.

  • Ogerscherge

    Ooh, I love Mystery Dungeon games! And Shiren truly is a legend amongst them! šŸ˜€
    Unfortunatelly there aren’t (m)any such games for the Vita yet. Seems like the MD-genre is pretty much N3DS-exclusive. :/
    I hope they’ll at least give us this one! ^-^

  • Buckybuckster

    A nice surprise! I’ve been wanting to try this series for a while now.

  • Devin Hudson

    I haven’t played very many roguelikes, but I’ve enjoyed the few that I have played. This one looks pretty good, and I’m especially interested since it has a co-op mode.

  • BloodStainedKnight

    Will this version have a lower difficulty setting? Rougelikes can be so time-consuming and I don’t have as much time to play games anymore.