Back in December, Devolver Digital teased the release of Downwell on PlayStation systems to gauge the interest of fans. The game was shown to be running on the Vita, but never officially announced to make an appearance on the platform – until today.

A listing on the Japanese PlayStation Blog alongside a trailer of upcoming indies confirms a 2016 release for Downwell on Vita.

After launching on Android a few weeks back, Moppin’s roguelike shooter couldn’t look a better fit for the handheld. Holding the system vertically, your character plummets through a well, blasting away enemies, and picking up weapon upgradesĀ and collectibles.

So there you have it – Downwell is coming this year. Excited? We’ll bring more news on the Vita version in the near future.

  • Marius Henriksen

    Do we know anything about controls? It’s a shooter, will it use Vitas buttons or sticks?

  • xxAcesHighxx

    As my favourite iOS game ever, ever, ever, I can’t wait for Downwell on Vita. I just hope it can be played in landscape (as well as portrait). Fingers crossed.

  • gamezalv

    Planning on picking it up for my android phone but now will wait for the vita version instead. Hopefully it releases soon