Koei Tecmo has finally let loose an official example of PlayStation Vita (and PlayStation 3) Attack on Titan gameplay.

With the first half of the new gameplay video dedicated to Vita footage, and the last half dedicated to PS3, we finally get our first real look at the non-PS4 versions of the highly anticipated title.

Check it out;

The question at this point is; does it live up to expectations?

Attack on Titan is due out February 18th in Japan, and sometime later in 2016 for the West.

  • DMSpider

    Looks like it will do the job, I was dreading the graphics would be worse. It’s probably a good thing the view was as zoomed out as it was. It’s the gameplay that will really tell, most of us have played Earth Defence Force. 🙂

  • BloodStainedKnight

    Looks good enough for me. I hope it plays as smoothly as it looks in the video.

  • Dirty Geeza

    yeah yeah western release !!!???

  • Kaboom

    Kinda reminds me of Freedom Wars, only more maneuverable. Hoping for a custom character creation too, but it won’t matter much since I was already sold on how much you can fly around.

  • JayGuhRay

    Breathing a sigh of relief. Looks solid. Hoping it can handle a lot of action with more than one titan. And also that it doesn’t fall in to the trap of enemies just standing around waiting to be beat up like a lot of other Koei/Tecmo action games. But definitely looking forward to it.