Idea Factory International has released some screenshots of character Levia, as well as announcing the North American and European release dates (with ESRB box art).

Levia Character ArtFirst up we take a look at Levia, Zeabolos’ childhood friend. She holds the Crest of Envy, and chooses to fight to take vengeance against Trillion for harming someone so close to her.

Forward when alone with Zeabolos but respectful when around others (calling him “Great Overlord”), she lives up to the Crest of Envy when she sees her friend talking with anyone else – so watch out.

Check out the new screenshots with Levia below;

Trillion_Coversheet_US_Front_1000pxNow for the release date bits; Idea Factory International has confirmed a March 29th North American and April 1st European release for Trillion: God of Destruction.

Are you ready to fight? ‘Cause the fight’s almost on your doorstep.

  • Buckybuckster

    More than ready to start hacking away at that 1T hp! Love the cover art. Slighty busy, but still good!

  • BloodStainedKnight

    So many good waifus to choose from… Can’t wait! Putting that aside, I also find the way the game is structured to fight such an overpowered boss interesting.

  • Will E Alsobrook

    March 29th not may

    • Brain fart. 🙂

      • Will E Alsobrook

        is cool, cant wait to play this