The latest issue of Weekly Jump magazine has revealed eleven character confirmations for Dragon Quest Heroes II.

The Square Enix published and Koei Tecmo/Omega Force developed Dragon Quest Heroes II has received eleven character confirmations via the latest issue of Weekly Jump, with five returning characters announced alongside six new ones.

DQH2-Scan_02-11-16-v01Returning Characters;

  • Alena (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Kiryl (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Maya (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Terry (Dragon Quest VI)
  • Jessica (Dragon Quest VII)

New Characters;

  • Minea (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Torneko (Dragon Quest IV)
  • Carver (Dragon Quest VI)
  • Gabo (Dragon Quset VII)
  • Maribel (Dragon Quest VII)
  • Angelo (Dragon Quest VIII)

Dragon Quest Heroes II is due out in Japan on May 27th.

Note; Terry, Jessica, Carver, and Maribel were hinted at in earlier posts, but this marks the first time they’ve been confirmed by name in print.

  • Lester Paredes

    Cool! Gabo! Always thought he was cool in Dragon Warrior on ps1.