Bandai Namco keeps bringing the screenshots, we keep drooling all over them.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Japan loves to tease its upcoming games, and the trickle of Next Order screenshots they’ve engineered only serves to reinforce that. In that vein, they recently updated their official website – revealing another four images to the public eye.

Check them out below;

Digimon featured in the above images include the likes of GrapLeomon, Woodmon, Gargomon, MetalGreymon, ShineGreymon, Shoutmon, and Vikemon – though don’t ask me to tell you which is which. 😉

Digimon World: Next Order is due out in Japan on March 17th.

Are you hoping for a localization?

  • Will E Alsobrook

    Heh been addicted to cybersleuth, so definitely! ^_^

  • Alex Jones

    Am hoping for a Localization….and Physical option too, pretty please.

    • Kaboom

      Hoping for a localization as well. Cyber Sleuth is amazing.