The most recent issue of Weekly Jump magazine in Japan has revealed some interesting new details for World of Final Fantasy including the announcement that some familiar faces will be making an appearance.

Squall Lionheart was reconfirmed to appear in the game, but alongside him another character from Final Fantasy VIII was revealed in the way of Quistis Trepe.

Also confirmed for the game is the organisation of SeeD, who’s headquarters will appear in the game, although no further details on that were revealed.

Finally, an entire new character was revealed known as Chocolatte, a mysterious woman wearing a chocobo costume who appears in random places to sell players items, long time fans of Final Fantasy will notice a comparison with Chocolina, a character of the same nature who appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

World of Final Fantasy was revealed at E3 2015 and will launched globally sometime in 2016, be sure to let us know below if you’re excited.


  • Giant_Z

    Tifa too<3<3<3!
    Please Square Enix!

  • blackwaltz91

    Kain better be in this game. So far my favorite Final Fantasy character and the reason I started to like the dragoon class.