Grimm Bros. has recently released patch 1.07 for the PC version of Dragon Fin Soup.  The Playstation versions have yet to receive any update leading people to question when the Playstation versions of the game will be patched.

Grimm Bros. have now responded on their Kick Starter page with the following statement:

“We understand the frustration and believe me when i say that we are a lot more frustrated about the matter than anyone else but as we had explained before things are not as simple as you put it.

First of all, even without the PS+ deal, the deal with sony always was that the game cannot be released for any other platform before the PS platform, ergo we did a sim launch.

Secondly, developers don’t choose when they release the game on PS+, games are being selected and once a deal and a deadline is in place it cannot be changed or postponed.

Of course we would love to address all PSN related issues but again, as we have explained multiple times, a different studio ported the title and did the submission and they have dropped the ball.

We cannot go into detail but lots of the issues, such as the one you named are the result of their port and our QA got the hands on the game only days before submission.

It is a complicated situation.

We do not have access to the PS source code, we cannot debug or fix those issues and are completely reliant on the porting studio Blit Works.

In our own best interest the PS platforms ideally would be patched ASAP, it’s not like we are too lazy to do so or don’t care, it hurts te sales and our rep but not everything is in our control in regards to this matter.

Lack of support for PS platforms is in no way a result of our efforts in supporting the game on Steam as we by our-self simply cannot do any work on the PS platforms.”

We recently published an interview with BlitWorks where we asked them “With the ports you have already completed, was there anything you weren’t happy with?” and they gave us the following response:

“We’re not happy at all with the version that is currently published of Dragon Fin Soup, because we had to port a game that was still in development, so it was terribly difficult. We hope the game ultimately gets to a stable point and we can properly patch it. Anyway, as a work for hire studio, you can only give your opinion, but the ultimate decision is not yours.”

So while it’s not clear exactly who’s to ‘blame’ for the buggy DFS release it is clear that we’re going to be waiting for a little while longer for any patch…

  • Kevin Aaronson

    It was rushed, no doubt about it. I bet blitworks did their best with what they were given, all their other ports are top notch. I doubt they “dropped the ball”. The developer from release said this patch was coming on a Reddit board, and that they were already working on it. Guess not.

  • Yoyitsu

    The way I understand it, after reading this article, is that it isn’t the fault of either team. The ports were rushed (specially the Vita version) to meet Sony’s deadline. We need word from Blitworks to update us on the update or if the real problem here is between the teams communicating with each other (which seems to be the likeliest case).

    • I’ve reached out for official comment from Sony and BlitWorks.

      From our interview with BlitWorks it’s clear they weren’t happy with what happened.

  • ruefrak

    After looking into all the information available, a story starts to appear. Grim Bros went to Kickstarter and asked for $24,000 to make their game. If they raised $50,000 they would port it to PS3, PS4, and Vita. But they didn’t know how to port it so they hired BlitWorks to do it. THe problem is that the game wasn’t finished yet and BlitWorks can’t port an unfinished game. Then to raise some extra money, Grim Bros agrees to make the game free on PS+, despite still not finishing it. They probably did it because $24,000 was way too low and the cost to port it was more than what they expected. They probably promised Sony it would be ready by a certain time and they rushed development to meet that deadline. They never had a good working version of the game, either on PC or on PlayStation. But they went ahead with it anyway. BlitWorks stated there was only so much they could do since they’re just a hired hand in all this. But now Grim Bros is trying to lay the blame at their feet so as to make themselves look better. Shameless.

  • Jonathan Rumore

    This bugs me to no end, being a Kickstarter backer.

  • Jonathan Rumore

    This bugs me to no end, being a Kickstarter backer. I paid to get this game on Vita, and it’s been a buggy mess ever since release. The situation, no matter who is to blame, is incorrigible. Just get it done.