Marvelous Inc has just released a demo for the upcoming beat-’em-up Uppers, and I took it for a test run so we could all have a better look.

Clocking in at a cool 378MB, the Japanese demo for Uppers is a pretty painless download – and despite my limited language skills was also a pretty painless play (aside from skipping the dialogue and fumbling through some controls).

The game features a fairly basic combat system mapped to the PlayStation symbol buttons, with the triggers augmenting them for defense, and the d-pad invoking abilities like character swapping or power ups. There are locations to visit, girls to talk to, and visual novel style scenes with (Japanese) voice-over. Fights are set up like missions, and power ups are delivered via a slot machine system and/or by earning them fighting.

Interested? Check out an assortment of demo-sourced screenshots below;

Or dive in and see it in action with some gameplay video I captured;

The Uppers demo is available now (and is PlayStation TV compatible if you’re wondering), but the actual game won’t be out ’til April 21st in Japan.

What a tease, huh?

  • Giant_Z

    I’ve just played the demo, and I like it. =)
    I love these kind of games. the ps vita in west needs this game.

    • KaL-V3

      I liked it too. I was kinda worried about the “controversial content” in this game and if it will come west because of it. But since it Marvelous and Xseed, they bring stuff like this over all the time. Looking forward to it!

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