Idea Factory International has released some more information and screenshots for the characters in Trillion: God of Destruction. So without further ado allow me to introduce you!

Ashmedia, as I’m sure you can tell, holds the Crest of Lust. She enjoys teasing Zeabolos in a flirty and seductive way. She has an unusual kink in that she gets very excited by hearing a dying foe’s cries, and shivers with pleasure at the thought of defeating Trillion.


Next up we have Zeabolos’ niece, Ruche. She’s the older sister of Perpell and holds the Crest of Pride. Ever since Zeabolos lost to Trillion she has looked down on him. She plans to defeat Trillion and become the next Great Overlord and rule over the Underworld. Although she is very intelligent she is also very proud, selfish, and domineering.


Finally, meet Fegor! She’s Zeabolos’ older sister and holds the Crest of Sloth. She calls him ‘Zebo-chin’, and he calls her ‘Sister’. She’s quiet and tends to say little but cares a lot for her younger brother. This is why she has decided to try and defeat Trillion. She’s extremely lazy and is always sleeping, but don’t let that fool you, she actually possesses powerful magic that can even surpass Zeabolos’.


Check out the gallery below to see some screenshots of Fegor and Zeabolos:

Trillion: God of Destruction is due for release March 29th in North America and April 1st in Europe.

  • Kaboom

    Y’know, all these sins remind me of the FMA:B sins… Still waiting patiently for this one.