New details and screenshots have been released by Nippon Ichi Software for upcoming game Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight

As mentioned in a previous update Rose has an ability called ‘power of thorns’. With this power she can absorb the power of blood from others and transfer it into objects. Rose is not the only one in the castle, a big and powerful giant has also awakened. Together Rose and the Giant will need to help each other as they explore the old castle.

New screenshots have been released to show some of the obstacles Rose and the Giant will face on their journey. In the screenshot below you’ll see a device that can send objects flying. This can come in handy for moving things to locations that Rose cannot reach.


Rose will come across canvases lining the walls of the castle. By using the power of thorns you’ll be able to change the image:

Rose-and-the-Old-Castle-of-Twilight_2016_02-18-16_003.jpg_600 Rose-and-the-Old-Castle-of-Twilight_2016_02-18-16_004.jpg_600





Mushrooms can be used to jump to high areas and also to cushion your fall:


You’ll have to be careful on your journey, the castle contains many enemies such as carnivourous plants and monsterous soldiers that will approach and attack Rose when they detect her:

Rose-and-the-Old-Castle-of-Twilight_2016_02-18-16_006.jpg_600 Rose-and-the-Old-Castle-of-Twilight_2016_02-18-16_002.jpg_600

Rose is not alone in the castle, in addition to the mysterious Giant, there is a secret shadowy character in the old castle. When it appears it can sometimes be a hindrance to Rose and the Giant. It is unclear to Rose if this character has some kind of a grudge against them.

Occasionally you’ll come across Blood Seals. These seals are doors that have become entangled in large thorns. To untie the thorns you’ll need to use a lot of blood. Rose will need to make big sacrifices if she wants to advance.


Not all blood is the same…sometimes Rose will be able to see memories hidden within the blood. Those memories will be the key to finding out what has happened in the ruined old castle.


Rose and the Old Castle of Twilight is due out for PS Vita in Japan on April 26. Let us know in the comments if you like the look of this!

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