Latest trailers show how the game will look in both styles.

Last month we brought you the news that players would be able to choose the art style for NPCs in the upcoming RPG dungeon-crawler Stranger of Sword City. Ahead of the PS Vita release, we have been treated to two trailers, which highlight both styles.

The first is the classic style, which will be familiar to long time fans of the game. The video below highlights how the game will look if you choose this style.

The trailers below promote the Xbox One release of the game, which will occur before the PS Vita arrival. 

Or if players fancy something a bit more unique, a new art style is available, designed by En Okishiji, who also worked on other Experience Inc titles such as Demon Gaze and Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy. Check out his art style below.

Strangers of Sword City will be releasing on April 26th in North America and April 29th in Europe. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest on NIS America and Experience’s upcoming Vita port!

  • Ogerscherge

    I can’t wait! ^.^ This game looks sooo awesome! 😀
    Both of the art styles look very beautiful to me, but I still think that I prefer the classic style! ^-^