NIS America may have only announced two Vita localizations at their recent press event, but they almost certainly teased a third.

With announcements for localizations of Vita titles Yomawari: Night Alone and Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness completed for the night, NIS America seemed to feel that just wasn’t enough – as they also took to showing what seems to be a teaser for the localization of Criminal Girls 2.

Thankfully, the Twitter account for The-O Network took to posting a photo of the tease for the rest of us to see;

Is Criminal Girls 2 coming West? It looks like it, but only time will tell for sure….

  • At this point I wouldn’t be too surprised after that tease, what I’m more curios to know, is whether or not their will be a retail copy for this title?

  • Kaboom

    Let’s hope! … And let’s hope they don’t censor it this time!