Degica has revealed some news regarding their upcoming DLC releases for shoot-em-up DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviours.

DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviours is getting quite a bit of DLC it seems, with the first of it now set to hit on March 17th. The first round of additional content will include packs called RayForce, Night Striker, and Metal Black.

The second round of DLC content will be released at a currently unknown date, and is based on (and named for) Sega classics Space Harrier, Galaxy Force II, and Fantasy Zone.

Each of these packs will include one new ship (from the game of the same name), unique levels, and remixed music (sourced from the game of the same name as well). These additions play similarly to CS mode (in 16:9), and the new ships will only be available in their respective DLC levels.

As for pricing, individual DLC packs will be available for $4.99 each in North America – or you can pick them up in a three-pack with the other two similarly themed packs for $11.99.

Will you be grabbing them when they release? Let us know in the comments below!