The voices of the two main protagonists have been revealed.

Earlier this month we brought you details of all the heroes you would encounter during your playthrough of the hack ‘n’ slash title Dragon Quest Heroes II. Now, Square Enix have unveiled who will be voicing the games two main protagonists when the game releases in Japan on May 27th.

Firstly, we have the character Razel, who is a military cadet in Gydwall studying abroad in a neighbouring country at Orenka’s military academy.

Razel will be voiced by Japanese actor Mirai Moriyama. His acting credits include 13 Japanese feature films as well as numerous television appearances. The oppourtunity to voice a character in the upcoming title was something Moriyama could not turn down, having been a fan since early childhood. In a statement he said:

“When the offer came, I was more excited than I’d ever been. It’s a title with just about the same amount of history as my own life. I never thought I’d be involved as a voice.”

In a intersting side-note, Moriyama is only a year older than the series itself, with the Dragon Quest Series being 30 and Moriyama 31.

Next is the purple-haired female protagonist Terishia, who is the cousin of Razel. She is described as a girl’s girl and will often put Razel in his place.

Terishia will be voiced by Emi Takei, who is a Japanese actor, fashion model and singer. Her acting credits cover a variety of different mediums, including TV, Film and Radio. Takei also has links to the series, having played the game in her childhood with her parents. She was also delighted to have been asked:

“I would have never thought the day would come where I find myself in such a familiar game world. It’s a wonderful feeling to hear my own voice in the game.”

Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news of Dragon Quest Heroes II, as we near closer and closer to the May 27th release date.