Choice Provisions has confirmed the cancellation of their sequel to Woah Dave via Twitter.

Announced mid-November (but played by Tyler before that), Choice Provisions’ Space Dave is the follow up to Woah Dave – offering more classic arcade inspired shoot em up action… but apparently that’s a little too much to ask for on Vita.

Choice Provisions recently posted on Twitter about Space Dave coming to “PS4, Steam, 3DS, and Wii U” soon, and an eagle eyed PlayStation Vita gamer took to questioning them about the truly important system.

Here’s the exchange;

So there we have it; another Vita version cancelled. Space Dave joins the likes of Broforce, Galak-Z, Hand of Fate, Not a Hero, and more as members of the deep, dark abyss we call “games that should have been on Vita.”

It’s a good thing we’ve got so many other games to play, huh guys?

  • xxAcesHighxx


    • Jorge Magalhães

      It’s not officially cancellled but I asked the devs a few months ago on twitter and they said it was very unlikely at that point.

  • Yoyitsu

    The first game was cross-buy, so what sort of reasoning where they using when making this decision? Since the game is coming to 3DS it isn’t a matter of the Vita not being able to handle it.
    I guess they simply don’t like working on the Vita.

  • Carl

    I don’t get it. The game can run on the puny 3DS and the powerful Vita can not? WTF?