April 21st is no longer the day you’ll be kicking ass and impressing ladies.

Recently, Marvelous Inc has taken to announcing a release date revocation for their upcoming over the top action title Uppers; taking the formerly announced April 21st release date and tossing it out the window for a less specific “To Be Announced” instead.

The reason for the release date change has been revealed as a lack of pre-orders, though apparently not to a ridiculous degree.

Producer Kenichiro Takaki notes he wouldn’t actually consider the current pre-order numbers tough to swallow, but he thinks they can do better and wants to look into that first – before focusing on releasing the game.┬áTakaki says he understands this is a selfish choice on his part, but promises to make it known when there’s a change in plans.

If you’re interested in Uppers, you should check out our demo coverage here – or grab the demo yourself from the Japanese PlayStation Store.

  • Kaboom

    Still hoping this will be localized… Along with Valkyrie Drive too please.