A new batch of details and screenshots for Bandai Namco’s upcoming PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 release, Summon Night 6: Lost Borders has been released that introduce recently confirmed characters Ioth, Radylia, Corlal, Ishlar, Banossa, Le-O-Ld, Rexx, Fair, Seilong, and Milreaf, as well as the game’s facilities and side activities.

Carry on reading to find out all the info!

Story 01

  • Raj and Company Finally Arrive at the Zesshiheki


Having met a number of friends on their travels, Raj’s party journeys on and sees a pure-white barrier rising in the distance. Raj draws the party’s attention to it and calls it ‘Zesshiheki’. Maybe the world known as Lyndbaum is on the other side?

Before the group head towards Zesshiheki, a woman who goes by the name of Radylia asks the party for help. She had been on the move with a blonde-haired dragon child called Corlal, but he let himself get captured by a group of mysterious soldiers to allow Radylia to escape.

She had encountered Ioth, the subordinate looking for Luvaid who she previously faced but now leads the soldiers. He too has lost his true personality in the same way.

  • Ioth – voiced by Yuka Komatsu


A member of the Black Brigade, Ioth is Luvaid’s always faithful subordinate. He has a bad habit of looking down on those he considers inferior in ability. The pair went about exploring the world, but they encounter a shadowy figure and Ioth is captured by a mysterious puppet string during battle. It distorts and uses his memory of the time he chased after the Saint Amer, using him to lead the shadowy figured soldiers who capture the dragon kid Corlal and take it away as an offering.

  • Radylia – voiced by Yui Horie


Radylia was born after the Resonance Reform in Lyndbaum. The system administrator of Mediation summons organization, The Eucross Bureau, she was created by Mother (the future Kunon). Radylia was summoned during training via Folth and Pariet’s Reminiscence system. It was while she was exploring this world on her own that she met Corlal, who joined her, but was subsequently found by the soldiers led by Ioth which saw Corlal’s capture.

  • Corlal – voiced by Junko Iwao


Corlal is the guardian dragon of Lawsburg. After he returns from Maetropa across the border, he is immediately summoned and is in an exhausted state. Together with Radylia, who he comes across, he is looking for a way to return to his original world. It is here where an army led by Ioth surrounds them and Corlal, knowing that it is him who is the enemy’s target, becomes a decoy to let Radylia escape and in turn is captured.

Story 02

  • The ‘Crimson Tyrant’ Saver Blocks the Path


In an attempt to save Ioth, who has lost his right mind, Aty reluctantly draws her sword and tries to set Ioth free to the light. However, there was an unexpected intrusion. A young man named Ishlar appeared brandishing a crimson Magical Sword. The ‘Crimson Tyrant’s’ Saver becomes Aty’s opponent and, with the power of the the same Magical Sword, sets up a disturbance that makes Ioth even crazier.

In the heat of the battle, the clash of the pair’s magical power strikes Zesshiheki.

  • Ishlar – voiced by Kenichi Suzumura


Azlier’s younger brother. Because of the Colorless Faction, he has carried The Demon of Disease’s Summon Curse since the time of his birth, and has been thrown into the hell of repeating life and death indefinitely. Although he becomes a spy in order to have the curse lifted and to regain his health, Ishlar is troubled with a guilty conscious regarding his sister. He is summoned to the Cocoon World while on a faction mission. In this world, he encounters Dyth, and together the two talk and move forward together, but are attacked by their own silhouettes born from the fragments of their memories.

  • Amu Stands Before the Zesshiheki


With both Zesshiheki and Amu’s party before them, Kanon’s sworn brother Banossa, who he has been looking for, appears along with the opposing party. He is again controlled by a ‘string’, and in his anger attacks, but then backup appears to support against the approaching enemy. Saver Rexx, accompanied by Le-O-Ld stands before a surprised Amu and company brandishing the blue Magical Sword.

And then, at the height of the journey through which Amu made heartening friends, she stood before the Zesshiheki!

  • Banossa – voiced by Tetsuya Sakai


Leader of the delinquent group known as Obtuse who stakes his claim in the Northern Slums of Seijent. Kanon and Banossa are connected through a pledge that makes them sworn brothers, and each trusts and relies on each other. Banossa’s friends are breaking away from him one by one because they’re frustrated with the current condition of Obtuse. Shortly after he is summoned to the Cocoon World, he is taken control of as a puppet. Unable to comprehend that Kanon came searching for him, he attacks on instinct.

  • Le-O-Ld – voiced by Yasuhiku Kawazu


Loreilal’s mechanical soldier. He’s an old but sturdy model, and has an AI with deep loyalty and a strong sense of duty. He fell to the world alone, but as he wandered he met Rexx and caught up on the situation. Together, the pair are searching for a way to return to their original world. As a side-effect of him falling to this world, his power capacity cannot rise, and he can no longer exhibit satisfactory fighting strength. To that extent, he tries to protect his friends by using himself as a shield.

  • Rexx – voiced by Takahiro Sakurai


An ex-serviceman. He got wrapped up in a contest concerning two Magical Swords and inherited the Green Miracle. He was having a late-night conversation with Azlier about Ishlar on a beach in Lyndbaum when he was suddenly summoned. At that time, he saw a mysterious figure. But rather than Azlier be summoned to the Cocoon World, he runs into Le-O-Ld, who he moves forward with. The pair join Amu and company to help battle against Banossa.

Story 03

  • The World-Observing Isuto and the Collapse of the Zesshiheki


Isuto, who continues to monitor the Cocoon World, senses a new magical power. It is a young lady named Fair who looks very much like Ray, along with Seilong and a dragon child in the form of a little girl named Milreaf. Seilong is friends with Ray, but Seilong says he doesn’t know him. It seems that these people were not only summoned from the past and future, but also from different time axis. Folth’s hypothesis is proven correct by Isuto, who suddenly appears. And then Isuto tells them of the world-dividing barrier Zesshiheki, which seems to have been broken.

  • Fair – voiced by Hisako Toujou


A young girl and shopkeeper who set up an inn at the empire’s inn town Traiul. She stands out above the rest when it comes to cooking. She is a master of the martial arts, since her dad forced her to train. She was summoned while she was shopping with Seilong and Milreaf. She’s worried about not being home in time to open her shop for the night, so she’s trying to find her way back to her own world as soon as possible.

  • Seilong – voiced by Shinichiro Miki


Prince of Silturn’s dragon-man clan. In order to protect the dragon child, he lives under the supervision of Fair as a sponger, and works as a staff officer lending out wisdom for battles and various problems. He was shopping with Fair and Milreaf when he was summoned. While he found the situation amusing, he looked for a way to return home with Fair.

  • Milreaf – voiced by Sakura Nogawa


Successor of the guardian dragon. She was picked up by Fair as an egg and raised as her daughter. While afraid enemies targeting her, she relies on the love of Fair for protection. Since she lost power when she was summoned, she can only maintain her human figure and lacks any magical power. She gets anxiety from being in an unknown world, but still has faith in her mommy (Fair).

Game System

The series’ familiar facilities and side elements will also appear in Summon Night 6. This includes fishing, dispatch quests, cooking, item creation, leaf collecting, completing the Summon Night legacy picture book, and more.

  • Shop – On Scrap Mountain, Patch, Quilt, and Rinne run a shop. The three love gold coins and will exchange various items for your money.


  • Blacksmith – A facility on Scrap Mountain tied to the Shop. Here you can use gold and materials to strengthen your weapons and summon stones. There are ten different stages for weapon upgrades, and five for summon stone skills. In addition to improving ability and effectiveness, when the strengthening level reaches a certain stage, new skills can be learned as well.


  • Fishing – You can fish on the pier by the bay. You will need to time your button presses to get the exact moment that the fish is caught, and then you will need to reel in your catch by repeatedly pressing the correct button. By meeting certain conditions, you can raise your fishing rank and obtain new rods and bait. And the kinds of fish you can catch will expand. When you catch fish, you can get things such as reward money or ingredient items.


  • Cooking – Through cooking, you can create food using ingredient items. By gathering recipes and ingredients, the types of food you can cook will increase. The food you make will be available as an item for effects such as recovery during battle.


  • Summon Night Leaf – Scattered around the world are scraps of paper containing Lyndbaum’s history (an outline of the Summon Night series) that you can collect. These can be obtained through a variety of elements, including battles, town quests, or even fishing. By obtaining a specific combination of leaves, as they’re called, you’ll be able to read further information in the gallery. Additionally, by collecting Summon Night Leaves, your party skills will increase.


  • Dispatch Quests – Through dispatch quests, you can dispatch three allies on a quest to battle enemies. The contents of the battles are different than normal, as it’s an auto battle that progresses in real-time where everyone is jumbled together. Depending on the attributes and abilities of the allies you dispatch, your results will change. If a dispatch quest is successful, you’ll get rewards such as experience points, money, and items.


  • Demon Trader Luchell – At the Cocoon World’s Cafe & Bar is a demon trader named Luchellwho can use her demon powers to help you with a variety of things during your adventure. These include;
    • Fortune Telling– Check the favorability of the protagonist and your party members.
    • Level Drain– Lower the level of your party members to return experience points.
    • Scenario Rematch– Replay the story-based battles you’ve already cleared.
    • The Endless Halls– Try to clear a 60-level battle featuring the four attributes machines, demons, spirits, and beasts.
  • The Endless Halls – Created using the demon power of Luchell, try to clear a 60-level battle featuring the four attributes machines, demons, spirits, and beasts. There are monsters you don’t normally fight and Summoned Beasts you can only obtain here.


Due to release on the PlayStation Vita in Japan on March 10th, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for more on Summon Night 6: Lost Borders in the coming weeks.