Square-Enix are hard at work on brining Dragon Quest Heroes II to PlayStation Vita, and to whet the appetite of fans patiently awaiting the release of the game they have released a whole host of new details on the game.

The following details were revealed during a recent livestream known as Dragon Quest Heroes: The Live;

First up is new gameplay details, the game will take place between towns, fields and battle stages providing plenty of new environments for players to explore. Fields will come in various different environments including deserts and icy mountains, and because the fields are so vast and far apart players will be able to warp between them using waystones.

Fields will hold host to many secrets including special areas that are only accessible when certain conditions are met. Also revealed is the concept of weather, which can either strengthen or weaken enemies depending on what type of enemies you’re fighting. Enemy encounters will be seamless, meaning as soon as you come across one you can unsheathe your weapon at any time to attack weapons.

Other features of the fields include the ability to stumble across treasure chests which will be scattered throughout various environments, they can range from giving you healing items to new weapons to use. A new feature from the first Dragon Quest Heroes game is the ability to dash, which will allow players to traverse these environments quickly.

Also revealed is the games main hub, the country of Zebion, this will your area to go to in between missions, you can manage your party, buy new weapons and armour for your party, a priest who you can visit to change your characters jobs and lastly and new to the Dragon Quest Heroes series, a multiplayer hub.

That’s right, Dragon Quest Heroes II will feature a 4 player co-operative mode where players can team up to take on story mode missions together, or they can work towards defeating a multiplayer exclusive dungeon known as the Space Time Labyrinth. Square-Enix have also confirmed that Multiplayer will be cross-play between PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

PlayStation TV support was also confirmed for the game, meaning that PlayStation Vita owners can enjoy the game on both the small and big screen, as was DLC which will allow players to take control of character from Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below, including the games main protagonists Luceus and Aurora amongst others.

Preorder bonuses were also confirmed for the game including Dragon Quest I costumes for Razel and Teresia, as well as Genki Dama item to use in game. First print copies of the game will also include a bonus for Dragon Quest Builders owners in the form of a recipe.

A limited edition release of the game has been revealed in Japan, players who chose to preorder the game from Square-Enix’s e-Store will be able to purchase the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary Monster Coin Set which for the price of 8,300Yen they can net themselves a copy of the game as well as three sets of monster coins.

During the broadcast a series of new videos we’re released which you can check out below;


Voice Actor Interviews

In Game Cutscene

Gameplay Videos

PS Vita Gameplay

Dragon Quest Heroes II will launch in Japan on May 27th, the same day the original Dragon Quest launched in Japan, there’s plenty of new screenshot to check out in the gallery below and be sure to stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for even more news leading up to the games launch.

  • rbnoble06

    Looks pretty good. Never got the chance to play the first one on PS4. Will this game be a direct sequel to the first game? Or is it similar to the usual Dragon Quest titles, where each game has an independent story?