Infinitap Games’ Neverending Nightmares is making its way to Vita this year.

With a PlayStation Blog post, Infinitap’s creative director Matt Gilgenbach revealed the game is slated for second quarter 2016.

In Neverending Nightmares, you play as Thomas, a weak young man who you discover, as the game progresses, to be trapped in progressively worse and worse nightmares. You must flee and hide from what takes place in the nightmare in order to awaken him in the real world.

The horror game also features branching narrative, where depending on which path you take, you’ll experience a different nightmare and ending. For Vita – and PS4, — Infinitap improved the way branching narrative paths worked. Wanting gamers to experience it all, the development team made it easier to get to the branching points and more obvious to recognize.

Gilgenbach says the game is “a very personal game for me because it’s meant to metaphorically express the experience I’ve had dealing with mental illness – specifically obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. It was a real challenge to develop a game to express those dark feelings, but my team and I have created a really unique interactive experience. I know I called it a “game” up above, but I think interactive experience is a more apt description.”

He further elaborated on the themes and design of Nverending Nightmares:

“Neverending Nightmares is designed to explore the darkest and most negative emotions – fear, horror, anxiety, hopelessness, pain and frustration. It isn’t a typical game where you are faced with challenges and can win. We worked really hard to make the players feel trapped and helpless when playing the game. After one reaches all three endings, none feel like a happy resolution. They barely feel like a resolution at all because there really aren’t clean endings in life.”

Neverending Nightmares launches with cross-save and –buy support with PlayStation 4.

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