The Japanese demo for Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is now available, and I took it for a quick screenshot run just for you. 😉

It’s officially February 25th now, and if you’ve been following the happenings regarding the Summon Night 6 demo then you know that today’s the day… but is it worth grabbing?

I took the 214MB demo for a test run, and despite it not being my favourite type of RPG, it’s definitely a solidly made one – the gameplay alone making for a very tactically interesting experience, and the visuals making it “pop.” This definitely doesn’t look like Summon Night 5, and it feels right at home on the Vita (or PlayStation TV).

Don’t believe me? Well look for yourself!

Looks pretty good, huh?

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders is due out March 10th in Japan, but you can try out the demo via the Japanese PSN right now.

  • Buckybuckster

    It does look really nice. Probably will end up on my must get list. Question is did 5 do well enough in the west to prompt Bams to bring it over. Even if it underperformed they should do the spartan thing and localize it anyway!

  • KaL-V3

    Played the demo for a bit and it’s one of the best looking Vita games I’ve ever seen. There does seem to be a localization for the PS4 version so why not the Vita. Hoping both versions come west.