Fulfill your duty. Fall in love. Betray your friends. Get murdered by an A.I. Welcome aboard the Everett.

Quantum Suicide, the visual novel all about space, betrayal and murder is heading to PS Vita. The latest update on the games KickStarter page has confirmed that the already funded game will definitely be coming to PS Vita, thanks to help from Sekai Project.

Initially it was looking like any hopes of a PS Vita release were dashed, with a PSN stretch goal of $75,000 and only $39,000 raised with three days to go of the campaign. Luckily the American publisher has stepped in to ensure a digital Vita version will in fact happen.

The team behind the game, Cotton Candy Cyanide, are an Australian based developer, with a team of two. This will be their debut game, using their passion for visual novels, space and erm death… to bring a unique twist to the genre. They also hope to develop more english spoken visual novels in the future.

The game is set aboard the space ship Everett, where the crew are on a mission to save the earth. All the main characters are ship-born personnel, raised specifically to assist with the completion of the mission.








Heres the full description from the KickStarter campaign:

In the year 2092, people no longer trusted the Earth to sustain their existence. The Earth stood as a husk of its past self. As part of a desperate last attempt to save the human race, the governments of the world joined forces in a secret military project to send the best and brightest of humanity to scout the galaxy for a new home. 

Welcome Aboard the Everett. 

The year is now 2117. You are a second generation ship-born researcher studying inter-dimensional travel. Your choices change the fortunes of all aboard the Everett. Friendship and love lay waiting at your feet, but you should be wary. The road to the stars is full of hardship. 

A malprogrammed A.I. dedicated to preserving resources pulls you into a twisted, murderous game. When tensions are high, who knows what even the kindest crew member will do? How will you protect those you love? Will you betray friends to save yourself? Will you be slaughtered in cold, empty space? Will you slaughter?

The story does certainly sound interesting, with a unique story distancing itself from your typical romantic visual novel.

If you want to be one of the first to get a slice of the action, then be sure to visit the KickStarter page and pledge your support before the campaign ends on Monday 29th Feb!

Let us know your thoughts on this new addition to the Vita family in the comments below.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds cool. I like the concept.