Sega has announced a new set of songs as well as giving details of a picture-taking element for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X

You’ll be able to using the PS Vita’s built-in camera to take photos of the characters in various poses as if they were actually in the real world. Check out the couple of screenshots below to see it in action:

The game will have an Album menu. Here you’ll be able to view events that have occurred during the Live Quest Mode as well as visual images that you can collect by playing the rhythm games.


Here’s a list of the latest songs that have been confirmed by Sega:

  • “Satisfaction” by livetune
    • Attribute: Neutral
    • Module: “De:Monster” (TNSK)
  • “LOL -lots of laugh-” by mikumix
    • Attribute: Cute
    • Module: “Lollipop” (Honyalala)
  • “Beauty Medley: Glossy Mixture” arranged by Treow {ELECTROCUTICA}.
    • Featuring “Dependence Intention” by Treow {ELECTROCUTICA}, “Sweet Devil” by Hachiouji-P, “Nebula” by Tripshots, and “Chaining Intention” by Treow {ELECTROCUTICA}.
    • Attribute: Beauty
      Module: “Brilliant Butterfly” (Shizuka Kitajima {ELECTROCUTICA})
    • Module: “Pure Butterfly”
    • Module: “Brave Butterfly”
    • Module: “Elegant Butterfly”
    • Module: “Glamorous Butterfly”
    • Module: “Mysterious Butterfly”
    • Module: “Megurine Luka V4X” (iXima) (Neutral)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X will be released in Japan on March 24. Check out the full gallery below: