The World of Final Fantasy website has recently been updated with new screenshots and information introducing legendary Final Fantasy characters Squall, Quistis Trepe and Chocolatte, along with more details about the world and catching and strengthening Mirages.

Here’s the latest info;

Network and Battles

You will be able to have network battles in the ‘Arena’. Here you can bring out and stack the Mirages that you’re most proud of against friends online.


Final Fantasy Legend Characters

  • Squall – voiced by Hideo Ishikawa


A faithful soldier on a mission who belongs to an organization called “Seed.” He wields a special weapon known as a “Gunblade.” Since he’s been training with Lightning and Cloud, he’s always beat up.

  • Quistis Trepe – voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro


An officer of the “Seed” organization. As management, she is often busy and doesn’t get much actual experience. There seems to be a rumor that she loves card games.

  • Chocolatte – voiced by Seiko Ueda


In the world of Grymoire is an item saleswoman named Chocolatte who appears in unexpected places anytime and anywhere.


Players will travel to the mysterious world of Grymoire from their homeland, ‘Nine Woodshill’. Starting from Corneria and Saronia, you will travel to a lot of places in Grymoire – there are fields for every season in the land!

Befriending Mirages

To capture a Mirage, you must meet the necessary requirements for each. There are special conditions, such as using a ‘Specific Item.’


If you meet the requirements to capture a Mirage, they’ll start to glow as an indication.


By Gem-ifying the shining Mirage, it is possible to befriend them.


You can freely name the Mirages you befriend.


A powerful Mirage lurks in the “Dark Pastel,” and acts as a chance to obtain a rare Mirage.


Mirage Board / Transformation

Using the Mirage Board, it’s possible to teach new abilities and raise the stats of the Mirages you’ve befriended. Various boxes are lined up representing said upgrades are lined up across the Mirage Board for each Mirage. Each costs Skill Points to unlock. Some blocks cannot be unlocked unless you’ve met specific requirements. You’ll acquire Skill Points by leveling up your Mirages.


Mirages you take along with you and keep in your battle reserve will also receive experience points.


On the Mirage Board, there are also blocks for transforming Mirages into more powerful forms. When you transform, each ability you’ve previously unlocked can be inherited by the new form. However, exclusive abilities do not carry over. It’s also possible to de-transform.


World of Final Fantasy is set to release on the PlayStation Vita sometime this year, keep an eye on the site for more as soon as we have it!

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks adorable. I sure hope they have some FF9 representation. Sure would love to summon Vivi.

  • Giant_Z

    this game seems promising.
    I hope they are more characters from FF games world
    coming to the game.

  • SunnyWindy

    Will have to make sure to keep an eye on this one 🙂

  • blackwaltz91

    Final Fantasy creatures + monster capture/training/battle game? Sounds like a match made in heaven! I’ll be looking forward for this.

  • leingod

    I’m usually OK with a little SD, but they went overboard here IMHO. Also, what’s with the more proportioned characters in the later screens?