A representative from Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation TV has quietly ceased shipments in the West.

Starting on a sour note, the week began with the affirmation that the PlayStation TV was being discontinued in Japan – the news breaking via PlayStation Japan’s official website. The aftermath of this announcement had people wondering what was up in Western regions, and it appears that we’ve already suffered the same fate.

“PlayStation TV shipments were terminated at the end of 2015 in SCEA and SCEE,” a Sony spokesperson told GameSpot, adding; “Shipment is still continuing in SCEAsia (as of the end of February, 2016), and we have nothing to announce regarding the timing of termination.”

With this bit of information put into the mix, it adds up that the PlayStation TV has been discontinued across the Japanese, North American, and European regions. It’s still being shipped to the Asian region at the moment, but the length of its extended stay in the region has yet to be determined.

Despite the end of life announcement, a lot of retailers (online and otherwise) still have stock – so if you were interested in picking one up then now’s probably the time. Both current owners and potential owners can rest assured that the PlayStation Store will continue to service the PlayStation TV, and related information will continue to be updated.

End of shipment here isn’t exactly end of support (not that there’s been much of note), so don’t be too concerned that your Vita-on-TV will become a paperweight any time soon. There’s still life in this ecosystem, despite what Sony and the mainstream media would have you believe.

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  • Lester Paredes

    Well, a really great micro system bites the dust because Sony doesn’t know how to support it. Good luck PlayStation VR, you might two to three years before Sony stops supporting you, unless you happen to be a breakout hit.

    • I think VR in general is destined to tank at this kinda pricepoint…and keeping in mind that the PS4 is a “Low-Range-PC” I wonder how Games gonna look like in motion on that system…rendering each frame twice could be tough for that system!!!

      • Lester Paredes

        It is tough on anything but a beast of a machine. Look at the 3DS. Many games go 30fps when the 3D is on, when without they would push closer to 60. Very few games run at 60 with the 3d on… the only ones I can think of are Smash and Mario Kart. And those are Nintendo mase games, you know they know how to push their system. Granted, it’ll get better as powerful hardware becomes cheaper to make, but 3D might have just become a faded away fad by that point.

  • Christopher Hill

    This is painful. A great system was never really given a chance. There was so much potential, remember the articles calling it an Apple TV killer ahead of launch? With a confusing name, nonexistent advertising, and lackluster app support, what did Sony expect would happen… I suspect a lot of hardcore gamers like myself have gotten great mileage out of this versatile little system already, it’s just too bad that few others will have the opportunity to experience its virtues now.

  • Dirty Geeza

    Wait .. Can Some One Tell Me … I Was Going To Buy one … Will I Still Be Able Play My Vita Games On It.. & Stream My Ps4 ….

    • Yes, the things that worked before this announcement will still work after. The only thing going is the hardware (the system itself).

      • Dirty Geeza

        i will wait a few months then they will probably be dirt cheap !
        they are only $30 at the moment … just want to stream my ps4 to my bedroom it works great on my vita …. but to have it working on the TV would even be better …. Netflix Too If There is a App .. thanks for the info bro

        • Lester Paredes

          Sadly, no app for netflix. You might be able to use netflix through the terrible web browser, I find youtube works well through it. Hulu has an app on the pstv.

          • Dirty Geeza

            Thats a bit stupid when we have the app on vita already …..

    • Lester Paredes

      Yes. You will. They’re not making more systems, but the games can still play on it as long as developers make them compatible. And I don’t see Sony dropping PSnow any time soon. Streaming works great, in the right circumstances.

      • Dirty Geeza

        My wifi never could get PSnow running well.. but i have over 50 ps3 games or more .. hoping i can use netflix using the PSTV browser ….? My vita Runs My PS4 games just Fine .. with lower resolution but still great …. ! playing black ops 3 .. or fallout 4 ect … I WILL get a PSTV soon !

  • Zero Eternity

    Do ps4 controllers work on the ps tv? Or only ps3 controllers?

    • Dirty Geeza

      Both ! u can use yer ps4 controllers on ps3 Too !

  • Reza Gerami

    Well, from what I’ve seen the streaming function is pretty terrible and as far as marketing goes, Sony seems to regard the PS TV as a gadget for PS4-owners primarily, the PSTVs ability as a gaming console on it’s own is a secondary priority.

    I own a PSTV and I enjoy it although I don’t use it all that often for many reasons, one of them being that a lot of games that I wanted to play on the PSTV simply aren’t available because of Sonys stupid “white list”-system.

    All in all, the PSTV is IMO a neat little console which I like but as a streaming device it’s absolute garbage and as a micro-console it’s pretty inferior compared to many Android-powered consoles, thus its demise isn’t all that surprising.

    • Agreed great for gaming, bad for streaming, unless you like Crunchyroll and Anime!

      • Reza Gerami

        I’ve tried out Crunchyroll, it seemed to work pretty ok but sadly, anime isn’t my cup of tea (I haven’t found anything I like yet anyway). But I’m still happy for any app support the PSTV gets!