PlayStation Japan recently posted a new PlayStation Vita commercial on their YouTube channel, celebrating Spring with the promotion of an Aqua Blue Vita and the recently released Dragon Quest Builders.

It starts with a detective and a family standing on a cliff edge, talking about what happened – the mom sad for her child as his new PlayStation Vita was stolen. There’s an emotional flashback, and then the child detective explains that he found the Vita. The kid does some acrobatics on a horizontal bar in the distance, and rushes to hug his mother in response.

…or at least that’s what I got from it. đŸ˜›

Check it out for yourself below;

Nice to see that they’re still advertising our baby in Japan, hmm?

  • Steve Jaworski

    Interesting commercial. It is good they’re advertising it there.

  • YES, it is really nice, but they should also do some ads here in the west (America and Europe), and not just wait until sales explode after a good game and THEN promote it! It would better to promote it in advance… I’m sure it is not that expensive! or at least show the PSV with some PS4 ads at the end! damn đŸ™‚

  • Ha, kid playing detective!

  • Infasis

    I saw a commercial for the vita in the US once, but I’m pretty sure it’s one that helped lead to that class action lawsuit. That was right when the thing came out too and i don’t think I’ve seen one since.
    They really should throw together a montage featuring anime inspired games and air it on adult swim or crunchyroll or whatever people use to watch anime these days.