Bandai Namco have released new details and screenshots for Gundam Breaker 3 that introduce the basic customisation, latest playable Gunpla and merge-based strengthening system that will feature in the game.

Basic Customization

Your Own, One-of-a-Kind Gundam

In the Gundam Breaker series you collect the parts of your fallen enemies to enable you to create a unique, one-of-a-kind Gundam. With over 150 mobile suits available, there are over 75 billion different combinations that can be created, save for weapons and shields.

Your Mobile Suit configuration is displayed on the right of the screen. You can even make full use of Gunpla techniques like coloring and weathering.


By changing your arms to a different Mobile Suit’s, your Mobile Suit’s abilities and armaments will change. It should be noted that you can not set individual arms, one by one.


You can set techniques to various buttons, including your special ‘EX-Action’ move, awakening ‘Burst Action’ techniques, and armaments attached to parts.


Builders Parts

For the first time in the series, Gundam Breaker 3 includes a ‘Builders Parts’ feature. This is a new element of customisation that allows you to equip each part with various additions such as armaments and decorations (within the slot’s limits).

Equip a ‘cannon’ on your shoulder. Via ‘Actions’ you can assign a button to the cannon for use in battle.


In Builders Parts, you can adjust the XYZ positioning, XYZ rotation, and even the scale.


Fill up the slots and create a Gundam all your own!


Strengthening System

In Gundam Breaker 3, the Strengthening System allows for you to strengthen parts through four different methods; single merge, batch merge, plastic merge, and derivation merge.


  • Single Merge

Merging the part you want to strengthen with a material part will see the part that you wanted to strengthen receive a level up, ability enhancement, ability inheritance and rarity raised. The merged material part will be lost.

  • Batch Merge

Merge the part you want to strengthen with a multiple of different parts (material parts). Since the parts you no longer need are put together and merged, there is no ability inheritance or rarity raise. (However, if the part you want to strengthen has the same ability as the material parts, that ability will be strengthened.) The material parts you merged will be lost.

  • Plastic Merge

Merge the part you want to strengthen with the experience point-raising items (plastic), and ability-strengthening and inheritance items (cubes) obtained during missions. The part you want to strengthen will receive a level up, ability enhancement, and ability inheritance. The plastic and cubes you merged will be lost.

  • Derivation Merge

Merge selected parts with different parts (material parts) to produce new parts. The new parts will receive a level up, ability enhancement, ability inheritance, and rarity raise. The merged parts will be lost.

Latest Playable Gunpla

  • Serpent Custom


  • Garplant TR-5 [Fiver]


  • Fazz


Gundam Breaker 3 released in Japan this past week, an English Asian version is due out next month for those of you that are interested in this game! Be sure to keep an eye on the site for more on this title in the coming months.

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