That title sure does roll off the tongue…

Developer Platine Dispositif will be bringing their 2D action platformer to PS Vita in June. The title follows the character Bunny, who needs to escape the Devil’s labyrinth (and not Chelsea as the title would have led you to believe) and defeat the 7 Devils. The game is described as containing “hilariously over-the-top” action, with there being various puzzles, enemies and traps to navigate. An interesting feature is that you are able to manipulate the fabric of time to complete puzzles.

Bunny Must Die! has been available on Steam since September 2013, and its PS Vita release will come first before the game makes the leap to PS4 in the Summer. For a better idea of how the game will play, check out the original trailer below:

Currently the platformer is only scheduled to release in Japan, but if that changes you can bet that TVL will be the first on the scene.

  • Chizu

    Localization of the vita version would be nice, but at this point I hope its someone else that handles it than Rockin’ Android, who handled the PC release. When they released the pc version they were pretty decent, but since they’ve become absolutely awful when it comes to supporting their releases, with games like Diadra Empty that took YEARS to come to steam after being greenlit, and has been broken ever since it did release, and they broke it even MORE when they patched it (And this whilst the Desura version released before it was even on greenlight still works fine). I wouldnt trust them with this anymore.