Square Enix has released a load of new screenshots and some gameplay details for upcoming game Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End.

As with most action RPG’s, by fighting in battles your protagonists will receive experience points and as they level up their offensive and defensive power will increase. You’ll also gain skill points which can be used to learn a wide variety of skills. These skills won’t just consist of damaging attacks but also recovery and support skills.


If you’ve played the previous Dragon Quest Heroes game then you’ll be familiar with the Tension system. But if not then allow me to explain it to you!

When you attack an enemy or they hit you your Tension will build up. When the Tension gauge is full you can enter High Tension mode. In High Tension mode your character will be surrounded in a pink aura and be powered up. You are also able to unleash a special attack.


Razel’s special attack is Giga Break. His sword is strengthened with the the power of thunder and can wipe out surrounding enemies.
Dragon-Quest-Heroes-II_2016_03-09-16_008.jpg_600Teresia’s special attack is Giga Slash. Lightning is released from her sword and she can unleash this on surrounding enemies.


The two protagonists, Razel and Teresia, have a unique special ability. They can change their class and also the types of weapons that they use. Different classes have different attribute values and learnable skills. By picking different classes you’ll be able to use different weapons which will significantly change how they fight. For example you could be a sword-wielding Warrior or a Priest who can heal other characters.

As you fight the proficiency of your equipped weapon class will increase. As your characters proficiency increases you can learn magic, skills, and special effects which can be used only when a weapon of that class is equipped.


Some really good news regarding multiplayer is that it is cross platform. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita users can all play online together. The game will also be cross save.

You’ll be able to help out friends with story battles by using the Co-operative Play function as well as tackling strong monsters in the Space-Time Labyrinth dungeon with up to four people.


Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End is due for release in Japan on May 27th. Check out the full gallery of new screenshots below: