Nippon Ichi Software has released some new gameplay details, screenshots and a teaser trailer for action RPG, ClaDun Sengoku.

The game’s protagonist awakens in a world called Arcanus Cella. The first character you meet is a mysterious man called Yukimura. He tells you that Arcanus Cella is actually the world of the dead and if you want to escape then you need to fulfil the dead’s regrets. You’ll need to head out to dungeons to find clues to the regrets of the wandering souls.


Chacha is one of the unfortunate souls that you’ll come across. She is the wife of a certain Sengoku military commander and has a regret related to romance.

Ranmaru is a military commander. He lost his master in an unfortunate event and this is the source of his regret.

Masamune a.k.a. One-Eyed Dragon Masamune has a mysterious and hidden regret.

There are a total of 50 different military commanders that you can befriend during your adventure.

Arcanus Cella will be your base during the game, it is here that you’ll find facilities such as the merchant, temple, blacksmith, suggestion box, and Castle.


You will be able to create a new character in Arcanus Cella and can decide on your name, job class and appearance. In Oekai Mode you’ll also be able to create your hero’s face. You’ll be able to freely customise how the face will look as well as the walking animation. You’ll also be able to share your created characters’ look and data with other PS Vita users.

The dungeons in the game are closely connected to the souls of the military commanders and also greatly resembles Japan’s Sengoku period.

The dungeons will contain many traps and there are powerful bosses who lie in wait in the furthest part of each dungeon. But these dungeons also contain great treasures.

There are a total of eight different weapon types: Sword, Blunt Weapon, Staff, Spear, Bow and Arrow, Short Sword, Shuriken and Sickle and Chain. Of course every type of weapon has it’s own advantages and disadvantages but it’s worth changing your weapons depending on the dungeon you decide to challenge and what your character’s job class is.

Speaking of job classes, the job that you choose when creating your character will influence a lot of things, including what skills you gain access to. There will be seven different classes to choose between when you start the game. Check out the screenshots below for the Warrior, Great Swordsman, Necromancer, Aristocrat, Merchant, Sorcerer and Sinful Priest class.

There is a system in the game called Magic Circles. These magic circles allow you to organise your battle formation and power up your character with the support of Vassals (your allies). When fighting your vassals will become a shield to protect you and reduce the amount of damage you take.

There are over 200 different Magic Circles, each with a different shape. As well as placing vassals in the Magic Circle you can also use special items which can strengthen you. You’ll need to experiment with this system in order to stand a chance of defeating challenging dungeons.


Cladun Sengoku will have ad-hoc multiplayer where you can play cooperatively or competitively with other players. There will also be online leaderboards regarding dungeon clear times.
ClaDun-Sengoku_02-18-16_019ClaDun Sengoku is due out in Japan on May 26th.

Check out the trailer and screenshot gallery below: